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Patient Education

Physician Talking to PatientPatient satisfaction is a hallmark of the ASC industry. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General surveyed Medicare beneficiaties who had one of four procedures in an ASC. He found that 98% of the people were satisfied with their experience.

One reason for high patient satisfaction is convenient scheduling. According to a survey conducted by the ASC Association, 75% of ASCs started more than 80% of their cases on time. Patients also choose ASCs for their high level of professionalism and safety. The ASC Association’s survey shows that over 50% of ASCs had fewer than three complications per 100,000 encounters and that over 50% of their medical staff is board certified.



“ASCs in Washington State are deeply committed to providing safe, convenient, and cost-effective care to our patients. The majority of surgery being performed today is outpatient surgery and ASCs are in a unique position to offer the best care possible without the patient having to go to a hospital setting.”

—William A. Portuese, MD, The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center, Seattle, WA


“For the last 9 of my 28 years of nursing, I have been in outpatient care management. As the Clinical Director of an Ambulatory Surgery Center, I can honestly say the quality of care given in an ASC surpasses all expectations. ASCs provide patients with a safe, compassionate, efficient, high quality and cost effective alternative for their health care needs. Satisfaction is high not only for patients, but also for physicians and staff in an ASC setting.”

—Kathy Hills, RN, BSN, CNOR, Clinical Director, Overlake Surgery Center, Bellevue, WA

Registered Nurses

“Patients most appreciate the time we spend educating them, especially on what to expect at home. ASCs offer very one-on-one care in addition to in-and-out efficiency. They are convenient, safe and comfortable for patients.”

—Jayne Karydis, RN, and Linda Anderson, RN, Bellingham Surgery Center, Bellingham, WA


“The surgery center that performed my surgery did a terrific job in making my surgery go very well from reception to recovery. At a week post-op I felt great— had minimal bruising and only used a couple of pain pills. I have been good to go since I left the center. The anesthesiologist did the best job ever done to me on a surgery.”

—Gloria Rasmussen, Tekeo, WA