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Govt Begins New Push to Improve Hospital Safety

Federal health officials are beginning a new push to improve hospital safety — aiming to save 60,000 lives over the next three years and save money at the same time.

Hospitals are dangerous places, rife with infections and opportunities for medical mistakes. Yet some hospitals have dramatically reduced those harms, and lowered their bills…
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Hospital Infection Deaths Caused by Ignorance and Neglect, Survey Finds

Deadly yet easily preventable bloodstream infections continue to plague American hospitals because facility administrators fail to commit resources and attention to the problem, according to a survey of medical professionals released Monday.

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Illinois High Court: Nonprofit Hospital Can Be Taxed

An Illinois Catholic medical center isn’t a charitable enterprise and must pay property taxes, the state’s highest court ruled Thursday in a case that has been closely watched by hospitals nationwide.

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Hospital infections killed 48,000, report shows

Pneumonia and blood-borne infections caught in U.S. hospitals killed 48,000 patients and cost $8.1 billion in 2006, according to a report released on Monday.

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