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MedPAC Releases March 2011 Report to Congress

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) is an independent congressional agency established by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (P.L. 105–33) to advise the U.S. Congress on issues affecting the Medicare program. Two reports—issued in March and June each year—are the primary outlets for Commission recommendations. In addition to annual reports and occasional reports on…
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Medical expenses have ‘very steep rate of growth’

Spending on health care consumed an estimated 17 cents of every dollar spent last year in the United States, representing the largest one-year increase since the federal government started tracking the number in 1960.

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Senate Finance Committee Passage of Health Reform Proposal

The Senate Finance Committee has approved the America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009 October 13, 2009, by a vote of 14 to 9, with Sen. Snowe (R-ME) joining Committee Democrats in supporting passage of the measure.

Sen. Snowe emphasized her vote in Committee was designed to move the process forward despite her continued concerns…
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Where Are the Innovators in Health Care?

The Wall Street Journal
Regina E. Herzlinger

No sector of our economy is more in need of innovation than health care, yet its many regulations handcuff entrepreneurs. A consumer-driven health-care system will unlock these shackles to bring about a much-needed entrepreneurial revolution.

Health care’s $2.2 trillion of costs (17% of GDP), breaks…
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